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Where your donations go..

Running services is a very expensive endeavour.... Infinity X uses ALL donations to pay for hosting fees and more to bring you to best gaming experience possible. ALL team members are volunteers and invest their time to make infinity great!

By infinityadmin on 23rd July 2019 2:13:34

Subscription service

Hey guys, We now have a subscription service for our ark servers for more information please visit https://infinityxgaming.com/forums/topic/ark-subscriptions/

By infinityadmin on 4th June 2019 7:19:38

Service Interuptions

To make purchases you will now need to send us a direct payment to https://paypal.me/infinityxgaming?locale.x=en_AU once payment has been made contact the admins. We will confirm payment and process your order manually. This is only until the service is back up. Sorry for the inconvenience. Infinity X Team

By infinityadmin on 3rd June 2019 8:02:47

Service Interruption

Hey guys, If you are having troubles buying things from the store can you please let the admins know in our discord. Sorry for any trouble this may cause. We are working on the issue. Infinity X Team

By infinityadmin on 2nd June 2019 20:55:16