Server Update 26/7

Server Changes:

KillFeed – Now only showing Player Kills OGS – 1 Day Decay added to the OGS Console. This means you will need to replace every 24hrs

PvPRewards – You will now recieve 100 Points per player Kill and if are player killed you will lose points

Anti-Mesh – No more testing versions, We are now running the Full Release Version.

Dino Changes:

Giga -Wild Dmg Increase and Tamed Dmg Resistance Nerfed to Allow for Enrage Mechanics Numerous other minor Dino Tweaks

Player Changes:

Engrams that will be removed:

  • S+ Fence Supports
  • S+ Repair Gun
  • S+ Light Setter
  • S+ Underwater Tool
  • S+ Remote
  • S+ Blueprint Maker
  • Beer Barrel
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Wooden Chair
  • Titanosaur Saddle
  • Moonpool
  • Climbing Picks

Kit Changes:

Tek Forge has been removed from the Starter kit and is available from either the online store or for 3000 points in game.

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