Server Update 14/8

Suggestion Changes:

most of the suggestions in our discord have been implemented in our last update post but we wanted to outline them here!

– bigger storages for items that cant go in dedicated storage

– add point per kill for the 100x so people stop hiding on a 100x server and pvp.

– change ogs to 1 day decay timmer” requires active tribes to replace every 24hrs. Allowes abandon bases to be raided easier!

– add rule can’t place turrrets or foundations near enemy tps

– reset leaderbord every wipe

Added this wipe

– have the ingame shop on discord

Our infinity bot  shows the store … use !shop [item name or key word]

– Better stacking mod that so inventory does not overfill and the x1000 stacks auto stack when u open them

We will be going from the 10k mod to the 100k stacking mod!

– Reduce the price of tek blueprints from boss fights. 40k element is too much and it makes the server too p2w

We are looking into reducing/updating this and will update the community in future post

– make wipes 3 weeks long

Wipes will remain at 2 weeks and will be voted for extention by the community! This MAY be reviewed in the future.

– 25x server, 140x is too boring

We will look into other services once we are 100% happy with how our high rate servers are performing.


Crafting Speeds will be increased slightly

Griffins and Wyverns will be getting a 25% Boost from their current movement speed

Other mods being added:


Kibble Table


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