Community Crunch 181: Auto-Decay Back Next Week & Social Roundup

This was done in order to allow for our customer support to successfully reunite players with their tribes, bases, and tamed creatures after an issue caused some players characters to be deleted. Our customer support has been able to address many of these concerns that were as a result of the incident last month, and therefore we are re-enabling the decay timer Tuesday, May 21st. 

A note for those who have not logged in recently, if a structure on your server is over the timer limit it will automatically be removed when the servers restart with this change enabled. Therefore any spam structures will be cleaned from your server immediately. If you have refreshed your base in the last ~8 days (more/less depending on structure type), your structures will be safe just as they were before the decay was enabled.

We’ve read your comments and tweets about wanting decay to be re-enabled and we do appreciate your patience with us during this time.


Read the full story here!

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