We follow all the Terms of Service and C.O.C wildCard has put in place,

You can view them here —->General Rules/Etiquette:


✶ Do not use generic or non-unique names such as survivor, bob, human, 123, etc… If you do your name will be changed.


✶ Be respectful to all players and admins, banter is fine but if we deem it has gone too far you will be asked to stop failure to stop will result in warnings and/or punishments, if a player requests it has gone too far an admin will review and issue warnings as necessary.


✶ No Form of exploiting is allowed, Exploiting or abusing loopholes in the rules is not allowed if you find an exploit/loophole report it to an admin instantly and you will be rewarded– Using an item that is not for there intended use! or Finding a Loophole in the game mechanics to benefit yourself, 


✶ Do not Auto-breed excessive amounts of dinos… Doing this will affect the performance of our servers, and will be punished with dino wipe


✶ The tribe limit is 6 Players Per tribe and Alliances are disabled.


✶ Only one tribe is allowed to Raid a base, NO teaming


✶ Counter Fobbing is allowed, But you must commit to Raiding the Base


✶ Dropping of excess amount of Tames on a base without the intention of raiding isn’t allowed
✶ No Excessive raiding of the same Tribe, Once either grief or raid is complete you must allow them min 48hrs to rebuild 
✶ If a tribe has NPP enable you must not engage in any raiding or griefing of the tribe, Until there protection has finished
✶ Tribes are not too team when it comes to Raiding or Defending, Tribe are allowed to conduct PvE missions together, “boss battles”


✶ All S+ vac compartments used must have at least 1 side visible at all times


✶ S+ tubing is not allowed on this server, using s+ walls, ceilings, window walls, hatch frames, etc… to build through foundation blocked areas and block turrets is seen here as an Exploit and as such a punishable offense. this does not include S+ vacs


✶ Do not place turrets around or within a range of obelisks. Obelisks are no build zones


✶ Do not Grief Resource zones/ Drop Caves
✶ If you can not walk, crouch, crawl into a location You are not meant to be there! And these locations are not to be built in

✶ Use of platform Saddle, Raft/MotorBoats to build and Los Turret
“Dick Rafting” “Dicking” ect 


✶ Using Foundation spam around your base is allowed, using spam during a raid to attack or defend is also allowed (so long as its cleaned up afterward), however, foundation spam that is not used in either of those situations is not allowed, aka to block build spots or spawns. we also will not accept excessive spam or over spamming as it lags the server (judge by admin at the time).