1. Increase Taming from 3x-5x 
2. Reduce Food Consumption from 5x - 2x
3. Reduce Over spawn wild dinos, "Tame not used Regular
4. Fixed Weapon/Saddle over Caps
5. Fixed All engrams 
6. Fixed xp 1x->2x
7. Fixed Wild dino spawns
8. Fixed Player XP to 105
9. Fixed Shield Caps
10. Fixed Engram Point-- Ability to learn all Engrams
11. Fixed  Shop on Abberations
12. Fixed Harvest HP 
13. Fixed imprint Timers 

Boss fight changes

1. No longer able to use reusable grapples
2. Will not be allowed kangaroos in boss 
3. White drops will have all artifacts/tributes 1-3 items per drop


Wild Dino spawns Changes

1. Fixes over spawn of gigas
2. Remove pesky wild dinos 
3. Reduce over all spawn of wild dinos. 

Dino nerfs

1. Nerf to top tier soakers 1x -> 0.9x

Trike,stego,gasbag ect