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Borderlands 3 Game play: everything we know so far!

On May 1, Gearbox gave us our first good look at Borderlands 3. The hour-long livestream showed off new Vault Hunters Zane and Amara, as well as plenty of new weapons to loot and mechanical changes to Borderlands traditional formula.

You can rewatch the event above. We’ll also be livestreaming our own Borderlands 3 gameplay (showcasing the new character Zane; you can see Amara the Siren below) from there to further give you a sense of what to expect. We also got to chat with Gearbox ahead of the event and try the game out for ourselves, where we found you can play solo without any issues, which will be welcome news to some. (Local and online co-op play is also supported, with the option to share loot or not.) Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford also noted Borderlands 3 won’t have loot boxes, although there will be microtransactions in some form. Post-launch DLC was also confirmed, but not with no details.

New gameplay details include the ability to crouch-slide and climb up ledges; we also got a look at some skill trees and some of the new characters and their abilities in action. Gearbox also showcased the game’s new villains, the Calypso twins, and how it (sort of) brings back Handsome Jack.One Hour Of Borderlands 3 Gameplay – Amara the Siren Auto

Borderlands 3 takes inspiration from Titanfall, which is always a welcome point of comparison, and it brings back Sirens–who are very important in Borderlands 3’s story (which didn’t originally start out on Pandora).

Borderlands 3’s release date is set for September 13 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Stay tuned for more coverage of the game, and check out the video below for a recap of the highlights of what we learned during the gameplay reveal event. The original story follows.

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